Travel Charger
Travel Charger
Travel Charger

Travel Charger

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  • Safety protection design with 8 layers.
  • Protection of overvoltage input
  • 2 USB ports, convenient and time saving 
  • Beautiful,simple,fashion pattern excellent texture,extraordinary design
  • Mini and convenient charger for home and travel 
  • Safety with great design
  • Easy operation, Plug in to use.
  • Elastic metal, stable to matching the different specifications of the cigarette lighter and power ports, Its can be recharged by one step.
  • lightweight to carry


  • This Genuine Huawei Mains Charger is an easy and convenient way to charge your phone.
  • Powerful multi voltage Fast Charging Adapter
  • A handy and lightweight charger Uses standard
  • 3 x USB
  • 3 x Power Socket
  • 750C High Flame Retardant
  • Silver Contact Switch
  • Phosphor Broze Copper Sleeve
  • Automatically Adjust The Current